Beautiful Sausage

Delicious sausage from Denmark

We can, thanks to HugoPhotoSwipe, view beautiful sausage galleries.

The beautifulhugo template will populate the homepage with articles from the post directory. However, we’d rather have a more customized path, in this case /food/, so we’ve overwritten their index page. Hugo will override template layouts with root layout files.


For full details please see the hugo-easy-gallery GitHub page. Basic usages from above are:

  • Create a gallery with open and close tags {{< gallery >}} and {{< /gallery >}}
  • {{< figure src="image.jpg" >}} will use image.jpg for thumbnail and lightbox
  • {{< figure src="thumb.jpg" link="image.jpg" >}} will use thumb.jpg for thumbnail and image.jpg for lightbox
  • {{< figure thumb="-small" link="image.jpg" >}} will use image-small.jpg for thumbnail and image.jpg for lightbox
  • All the features/parameters of Hugo’s built-in figure shortcode work as normal, i.e. src, link, title, caption, class, attr (attribution), attrlink, alt
  • {{< gallery caption-effect="fade" >}} will fade in captions for all figures in this gallery instead of the default slide-up behavior
  • Many gallery styles for captions and hover effects exist; view the hugo-easy-gallery GitHub for all options
  • Note that this theme will load the photoswipe gallery theme and scripts by default, no need to load photoswipe on your individual pages